5 Fast and Super Cool Family Cars for a Family Man

For a young professional single male, just the thought of tying the knot and starting a family may in some instances feel like a horror movie…. There it goes, your freedom to drive your cool car in all it’s marvellous swagger; driving your boring minivan or old station wagon. But do not fear fellow brothers and don’t be scared. There is speed and cool at the end of a family man’s car tunnel. These days becoming a family man does not necessarily mean boring, it can all still be done in A-grade style.

You can still have a super-fast car, yes with the power, yes with the looks and yes the glorious beasty sound when u put foot to the paddle. The upside to all this? These cars are family friendly as well. Have a look at these 5 family cars:

  • BMW M3 Saloon

Although the engine has been downgraded from a 4.0L V8 the new BMW M3 under the hood hosts a 3.0L twin charger producing 425 horsepower, 406 lb-ft of torque, 1,850 to 5,500 rpm, zero-to-60 mph in a claimed 4.1 seconds, the BMW M3 may have transformed into a family car but hasn’t lost its masculinity or cool.


  • Mercedes-AMG C63 S-Model wagon

Don’t be fooled by the wagon costume, the Mercedes-AMG C63 S-Model wagon is a beast, featuring the famous Mercedes Benz AMG’s twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8, 469 horsepower, zero to 100 in 3.9 seconds.

Mercedes-AMG C63 S-Model wagon

  • Audi RS4

This is a 2013 Model Audi RS3, Under the Station wagon costume it has the same components as the Audi RS5, 4.2L V8 high revving, 450hp, zero To Hundred, 4.7 seconds.

Audi RS4

  • Porsche Panamera

When it comes luxury, class, speed, and a whole family rounder the Porsche panamera is 1st class, Zero to hundred in 4.6 seconds, 3L V6, 420Hp, 6000rpm.

Porsche Panamera

  • Ford Focus ST Estate

The most affordable of them all, the Ford focus is a must consider, with a 2.0 Turbo charged engine, zero to hundred in 6.3 Seconds, 1,500rpm. Not as impressive as the for Focus ST itself and Ford Focus RS but this estate still packs a punch

Ford Focus ST EstateFor family cars and station wagons, look no further then Auto Mart…


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