DIY-Car Braai for Heritage Day


24th September is Heritage day AKA Braai4heritage, it’s the day where we celebrate and embrace all of the cultural heritages that make South Africa a rainbow nation, and nothing ads the Midas touch to Heritage Day than a good old South African Braai.

We love cars and we love to Braai for Heritage Day tomorrow, so we decided to throw in this DIY Car Braai ,or how our overseas cousins would like to call it, the CAR BQ.

What you will need:

  • VW GOLF SHEL or your preferred car shell
  • Tube Steel Metal Stands
  • 3MM sheet metal
  • Charcoal Grate
  • Charcoal Drum
  • Cedar wood Plank or (wood of your choice)
  • Step 1


Have the front part of the cut 1 meter, remove the fenders, bumpers and hood, and have them sanded and dents removed

  • Step 2


Have the front cleaned and removed of all parts, you may leave the light wiring should you wish to have functional lights

  • Step 3

car_braai car_braai

Fit in the 3mm sheet metal inside across the bonnet and install the charcoal locator, make holes on the metal sheet to implant the wooden blanks on the sides.

  • Step 4


Put back the fenders, Premier and spray paint the whole Car BQ and implant the wooden planks

  • Step 5

car_braai car_braai

Install the grill, lights and bumper back.

There you go, your very own Car braai or CarBQ this Heritage Day.

Image and concept credits

Happy braai4heritage day and show your buddies just how much “wors” power is under your hood!

If you would like to get your hands on an old VW to use for this project or to check out our collection of VW’s for sale, then don’t forget to visit Auto Mart.


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