New and cool muscle cars you should know about

The Muscle car subculture has been in existence since the inception of muscle cars in the year 1960. Muscle cars were mainly made in America, but they moved across seas to countries like Australia and South Africa.

However, modern day muscle cars do not resemble those of the past. Showrooms are prepared for these amazing looking cars. They are now designed impeccably as well as very fast. What are some of the modern day muscle cars you should know?

Dodge Challenger R/T


The Challenger had been out of production from 1974 till 1978. But this second generation model manufactured by Mitsubishi looks retro but does not resemble the Dodge Challengers of the early 1970’s.

This beautiful muscle car will cost you about R350 000.
New Ford Mustang GT

The 2014 Ford Mustang GT and the 2015 Ford Mustang GT are the must have muscle cars of this century. Although not equally fast, as the 2015 Ford Mustang is built to perform much better than the 2014.

However, what makes these cars deserving of the title ‘muscle cars’ is that no matter how time shifts, Ford’s Mustang always maintain their traditional look and speed, and the 2014 Ford Mustang GT is also affordable at R350 000.

2014 Ford Mustang GT


2015 New Ford Mustang GT


Chrysler 300 SRT8

The forefathers of this amazing muscle car were about luxury and performance. This modern day version is proudly one of the few modern cars that are continuing this tradition. You can get this amazing muscle car for around R500 900.

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1


If you are a muscle car fanatic, then you should know of the all famous ‘Chevrolet Camaro’. They haven’t changed as much in appearance and speed, in fact they are still considered as one of the admired muscle cars.

This car has the ability to go from 0-90 km/h in 4.4 seconds. This is amazing for a modern muscle car that has to keep to high standards.

Muscle cars are going nowhere. They are part of a subculture that will only continue to grow. What are your favourite muscle cars from the past? Have they been modernised to be better or undeserving of the term ‘muscle cars’? Do let us know.

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