Safety and your car: What you need to be safe

Safety and your car: What you need to be safe
Thanks to the existence of technology and the advancement in humanity, cars in the 21st century have never been safer. With better engineering, your vehicle is built to protect you, because cars are overly tested before they are put on the roads.
What is the safest car in the world?
Thankfully, there isn’t just one. From the cars that were released this 2014, I can actually provide you with at least 7 of some of the safest 2014 cars in the world.
2014 Audi A4/S4

2014 Cadillac ATS

2014 Chevrolet Camaro

2014 Ford Focus Electric


2014 Honda Accord Coupe


2014 Subaru Legacy
2014 Volvo S60

All these aforementioned cars were taken in for testing and all received a 5 star rating by both the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).
What if you own an older model and still want to know how to ensure that your car is safe?
Here are 5 of the things that you need to do to be safe in your car:
1. Ensure that your car gets all the car maintenance it needs: We understand that taking your car for servicing can be expensive. However, try and get advice for the cheapest, but still proficient service that you can find.
Check if your oil doesn’t need changing, replace anything that can hinder your car experience, it is all important.
2. Do a quick check of your tyres: When you are driving around, your tyres are probably the last thing you think about, because they are supposed to be strong and capable to handle anything.
But, things can easily stick on them and lead to a puncture. Check your tyres to be safe.
3. Stock an emergency car kit: An investment in an emergency kit is an investment in car safety. Emergency car kits come with everything you need to help you if and when you get stuck on the road somewhere. Make sure that you have one.
4. Check if all the seatbelts in the car work: Often people do not make use of seatbelts, but they are very important. Ensure that every single one of them works.
5. If unsure of the number of airbags in your car, call the manufacturer and ask: Modern cars come with at least 8 airbags. Find out how many airbags are in your car and if you have enough to protect you from all sides.
Always remember to be safe on the road.
For motor vehicle safety tips, visit the Auto Mart website.

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