Top 6 drifting techniques

Watch this quick snippet of ‘drifting’, taken from the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift movie:

Well, it is safe to say that between the two characters, one is ‘skilled’ in drifting and car racing, while the other is still trying to get a hang of the twist and turns. Drifting is a very difficult and dangerous thing to take part in.

You need skill, precision and lots of experience.

While we can spend the whole day teaching you what drifting is, and the dangers of it. The focus of this particular Blog is on drifting techniques. When and if you do consider taking part in drifting, make your safety as well as that of others your main priority.

Power-over drift:

The power-over drifting technique requires the driver to accelerate into and through each and every turn so that he or she can be able to swiftly swing out as they shift to the exit.

Doing this technique requires a lot of horsepower.

Feint drift:

Feint drift is a drifting technique whereby the driver needs to steer the vehicle along the outside of the turn in order for the car’s weight to push along the outside.

This in turn will allow the car to revert back quickly into a turn.

This technique requires a lot of suspension kickbacks.


Jump drift: 


This drifting technique is depended upon a lot of bounces, so take care on being very safe. What you will basically need to do is, enter a turn, bounce the inside rear tyres within the curb in order for you to be able to shift the vehicle’s weight to the outer side of the wheels.

Ensure that you induce the traction loss to initiate the drift.

Dynamic drift (Kansei drift):


Titled the ‘dynamic’ drift. The word itself says a lot about this drifting technique. When you begin this technique you must enter into it with a whole lot of speed. After this, quickly release the gas pedal so that you can be able to shift the weight of the car to the front wheels.

Unlike the Jump drift, in this instance you have to initiate a drift as the rear tyres lose traction.

Swaying drift:

This drifting technique can be similar to that of the Feint drift, however what makes it different is the beginning.

In the beginning of this drifting technique, you need to approach the straightway with a turn. When the car begins to drift, make use of the steering to sustain the drifting so the vehicle sways from side to side.


Dirt-drop drift: 


Unlike the other drifting techniques, this technique helps you begin drifting. You need a lot of speed for it to work, and a lot of turns to make it happen.

Increase drifting angling in order for you to drift during a single run.


Well, there you have it. Six drifting techniques you should definitely try.

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