The Redbull X-Fighters 2014: the South African Experience


First I have to point out that, it was my first time ever at these motorcycle or motocross bike challenges. I had no expectations, but I have been following the X-fighters 2014 games since Mexico City. However, reading about the X-fighters games does not compare to the experience of being at the event.

It was a blast, a complete out of this world thrill… I enjoyed every minute and moment at the RedBull X-Fighters finale 2014 which took place here in South Africa at the monumental Union Buildings in Pretoria.


Every single jump or twist of the bike was absolutely amazing. Every time the riders flung their bikes high, I felt the thrill of being on the bike myself. The motocross freestyle riders are absolutely talented, I was wowed by every single one of them.

The South African Redbull X-Fighters experience was of course very ‘South African’. It was beautiful once again to see the South African community get together for an exciting game.

You could feel you are on South African soil, the waving of our beautiful flag, the sound of the Vuvuzela, the muttering of the words ‘Yoh’, ‘Lekker” and ‘Haibo’, famous South African words. I felt proud to be South African.

The Top 5 standings before the finale were:

  1. Levi Sherwood from New Zealand with 265 points
  2. Josh Sheehan from Australia with 260 points
  3. Thomas Pagès from France with 190 points
  4. Dany Torres from Spain with 185 points
  5. Taka Higashino from Japan with120 points

The event ended with Josh Sheenan from Australia winning as the 2014 Redbull X-Fighters champion, followed in second place by Dany Torres from Spain.

Watch Sheehan’s winning freestyle ride:

There was also an amazing surprise performance by our very own Jack Parow, which added to a spectacular day.


If you missed this event, fear not. Thanks to technology you can actually relive this experience right here and you can feel the oozing thrill and adrenaline of the Red Bull X- Fighters South Africa.

The Auto Mart and Junk Mail team were there to enjoy this amazing experience, check out all the pictures:

 Auto Mart TeesDSC_0256DSC_0245

AVukosi Flag20140823_151509

DSC_0266 Team Selfie

The amazing thing about these motocross freestyle games is that they give you an opportunity to witness the capability of a motorbike.

If you were there for this amazing experience, let us know what your personal highlights of the event were.

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Yolanda Zondo

Writers see the world differently. Every voice we hear, every face we see, every hand we touch could become story fabric.

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