Drag Racing in South Africa

Drag Racing in South Africa

Drag racing is a recognised sport in South Africa. However, in 2013, at the International Transport Forum, South Africa was ranked the worst for illegal drag racing which mainly takes place in Cape Town.

Illegal drag racing is basically racing that takes place on the public roads. Often it is planned, but sometimes it can be spontaneous. However, this act of racing can be truly dangerous because often safety precautions are not taken.

What are the basics of Drag Racing?

Drag racing is an acceleration sport, so power and speed are its main purpose. Before you get far, ensure you know the safety rules of this motorsport. Wear the proper gear, ensure you are of age (over the age of 21) and are skilled in this motorsport.

Secondly, know the basics.

Drag racing is a contest that takes place on a track, or a strip. There is a start and a finish, and the competition is often between two vehicles. It can also be a contest in tournament style, where with each race a drag racer is eliminated.

To begin this competition, an electronic device known as a Christmas tree starts the race. This device is used because of its multi-coloured lighting.

light - drag racing

These lights are used to indicate to the racer when it is time to race. If it is a tournament challenge, racers compete against each other until two racers remain.

Watch this quick video of the start of a legal drag racing contest in South Africa

South Africa has a number of strips or legal drag racing contests that take place on a yearly basis, such as a the Tarlton International Raceway and the ODI Raceway. This is made possible by Motorsport South Africa who oversee the races and ensure that all drivers hold a valid Motorsport South African licence.

Racers can compete against each other in a number of categories such as Top Eliminator, Senior Eliminator, Super Competition Eliminator, Competition Eliminator, Pro Street Bikes, Superbike Eliminator, Supersport Shootout (motorcycle), Street Modified, and Factory Stock.

Look out for the Toyota Land Cruiser Record Event at the Tarlton International Raceway taking place on the 29th and 30th of August 2014. Be there for an amazing drag racing challenge.

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