Top custom motorcycles in South Africa

Are you ready to be excited? If you are a bike lover, then this post is a must-read! These bikes are created by ordinary South Africans. If you want to get yours, visit the Auto Mart website for custom motorcycles.


Built by South African distributor LJ Miller, he also distributes his custom bikes in other countries. Visit his website, LJ Miller Engineering, for completely built custom bikes or if you want your bike to be put together.

Miller started his custom bikes in 1980 with V8 cars, but as time went on his love for custom building grew and now he is an importer of custom motorcycles. In 2011, Miller managed to make his mark in the industry because of his two bikes The Viking and the 48 Sportster.

Here is another amazing custom bike by LJ Miller:


Known as the Gold Digger, this amazing bike is smeared in Gold and Black, stretched out in a manner suited for a wild rider. It is the world’s first bike to have a 30inch front and rear wheel. An amazing achievement especially coming from South Africa. It shows the talent we have in this country.

Then there is the custom Jaguar Motorcycle, built by South Africa’s Barend Massow Hemmes.

custom motorcycles

The creativity and artistry of this motorbike is quite amazing. Considering the type of animal the Jaguar is, this bike can be considered as beautiful. It has only been taken up to 88.51 km/h. Powered by the 1200cc Harley- Davidson V-twin engine this motorcycle is surely powered with the Jaguar spirit.

Having a custom motorcycle is all about building a bike that resembles your personality and style. None are perfect and it is all about being as creative as you want to be. You can add colour, more features, boost the engine on the motorbike, and absolutely do anything to just have something that is yours.

Watch this video of some of the most drastic custom motorcycles in the world:

All these bikes are shaped differently, in terms of display and body. They are unlike any other motorbike. Whether your purpose for the bike is off-road or on the public road, you can get a custom bike that matches your personality.

Visit the Auto Mart website for pre-owned off-road motorbikes for sale.

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