How to buy a used off-road motorbike

Before you buy a motorcycle, it helps to do some research on the motorbike. Whether it is an on- or off-road motorcycle, if it is used we are going to offer you information on what to look out for. We will include bike pictures, engine information, and displacement status.

Listed here are 4 used bikes and specific information about them to help you choose the right one for you:

2009 Honda CRF 230L


This is a bike for young skilled bikers who are looking for a quality riding experience. However, it is also a great bike for anyone who is completely new to riding. It is great to learn new tricks with and can be used to ride around bumpy planes.


Displacement (cc) Displacement (ci) Engine Configuration Engine Immobilizer Engine Type
223 13.5 Single-Cylinder Not Available 4-Stroke

 2010 Yamaha WR 250R


The Yamaha Motor Company brings you a range of useful motorbikes for anyone who wants to go out adventuring. The use of the Yamaha WR range allows you to ride on and off-road with complete ease.

Unlike the Honda bike, the Yamaha requires someone skilled for you to enjoy its speed and power. It might not be a superbike, but it does a great job as a dirt bike.


Displacement (cc) Displacement (ci) Engine Configuration Engine Immobilizer Engine Type
250 15.2 Single-Cylinder Not Available 4-Stroke

2013 Suzuki DR-Z 400SM Base


When you take into consideration the engineering and body make of this particular off-road motorcycle, you see a growing trend by Suzuki motorcycles, they are slowly becoming superbikes.

This bike is also great for on- and off-road use. It is efficient and sturdy, to help provide you with lots of power at low revolutions per minute. This is perfect if you intend on starting at a quick speed and riding really fast along the way.


Displacement (cc) Displacement (ci) Engine Configuration Engine Immobilizer Engine Type
398 24.3 Single-Cylinder Not Available 4-Stroke

2011 Ducati Multistrada



Displacement (cc) Displacement (ci) Engine Configuration Engine Immobilizer Engine Type
1198.4 73.1 Longitudinal Twin Standard 4-Stroke

The beauty of this bike isn’t the only thing that is relatively overwhelming about it. It is a masterpiece in terms of looks as well as performance.

It is built to perform in different conditions, it can be pre-set to be driven for sport, for touring, urban riding and Enduro.

The Ducati Multistrada 1200 is a superbike, it is a lightweight motorbike, can adjust to bumper road conditions and has many other features.

With all this overwhelming information it is always important to evaluate your decisions in terms of logic as well as emotion. Yes! You must research things like engine and performance power, but also consider what you would like to ride.

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