Off-road motorbikes vs. quad bikes

Depending on what you would like to achieve with each sport, whether you just want to go around riding on your quad or motorbike, when it comes to challenging friends you need the fastest one. Which one between the quad and the motorbike is faster off-road?

In sports, each bike can be very extreme. With the right techniques and the right person on the steering wheel, the bike could be ‘flying’.

Watch the video and rate which one is best

When it comes to off-road bike riding you need raw power. When you trail back in time to try and discover which one is best between the two, there would be no competition, because the quad bike was only introduced in 1983 while the motorbike had been around since the 1800s. So that means the motorbike is already ahead of the quad in terms of experience.

However, there has been much developments. The motorbike as well as the quad bike, are both faster and perform better in extreme sports, so the debate only continues.

Which one is best for you?

As the question begs, which one is best for you? For everyone the answer will differ, because people use each bike for different purposes. For some, the motorbike might be the preferred mode of transport and some people like the quad bike because it is more adventurous.

When it comes to off-road however, let’s say for speed purposes, the motorbike will probably be the best choice. It is fast and the experience on the motorbike is exhilarating.


In an off-road location, you will use the quad bike to explore the country side or for hunting sports. Because of its strength, the quad bike can also be used in a farming environment to haul farming essentials like logs or carrying barrels of water – all things that cannot be achieved with a motorbike.

So, each bike has an advantage and a disadvantage, because each serves a different purpose.

Even when it comes to learning how to operate and steer either the quad or the motorbike, it is easier to get around using the quad bike. Learning how to drive the motorbike is a continuous process, as it can go much faster, requires balance, a driver’s licence and drive on public roads.


This also leads me to the dangers you can be exposed to with each bike. When learning how to use the motorbike you can fall off and get hurt, but if a quad bike falls on you, you are at a greater risk of serious injuries because it is heavier. Be sure to wear the appropriate protective body and head gear at all times, regardless of which bike you choose.

Initially, it all boils down to each individual’s preference.

In conclusion, if you are looking for speed and the exhilaration of off-road riding, the motorbike is a better choice. It is fast, can take really high jumps and the best part is that it has the ability to break after moving at fast speed.

Another advantage of the motorbike is that it can be used as a mode of transport, unlike the quad bike which is mainly for the off-road.

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