Go for a quad biking adventure in Gauteng

Quad-biking has become increasingly popular in South African adventure sports. Many people are adding this adventure sport on their to-do list.

From province to province, this sport has trails in the outdoors, each province offering its own interpretation of the sport.



You use these four wheeled bikes when you want to get away from the busy city life and escape to the country side. The experience can differ from person to person, but generally quad biking is known as an adventure, adrenalin-filled experience.

For a quad biking adventure that can be amazing, you can visit the Segwati Quad Trails on the North West side of Gauteng near Magaliesberg .They offer quad biking activities for young and old. You can go for mountain bike trails and game viewing in Segwati.

Quad biking is very simple to learn, in fact many quad biking tours like Segwati offer beginner’s basic skills.

This sport is also a fun and great experience for the whole family. It gives you a chance to do something and experience the beauty of South Africa together. Segwati can also accommodate you for an extended weekly experience so you and your family can get a spectacular view and off-time in the country side.


Each quad biking adventure will be unique because of the different scenery you’ll get to experience. Because South Africa is so rich in natural scenery and wildlife, from mountains, beaches and the bushveld, you can enjoy different sites.

When you visit quad biking trails you will be taught how to fit your helmet, control your bike and change gears on large bikes, an advantage that comes with the quad biking tours.

You will also realise that there are different levels of competence, beginners, intermediates and advanced. They offer different levels of quad biking for each level, so whether you are new at this or experienced, you can surely enjoy the ride.

But having your own bike means you can go whenever and wherever you want, except on the public roads as it can be very dangerous and is illegal in South Africa.


You can also go off-road racing on your quad bike in the Western Cape with its indigenous forest or along the Garden Route from Breede River to the Cape Whale Coast, or in the Free State’s, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Drakensberg Mountains.

Are you looking for quad bikes for sale in Gauteng? Visit the Auto Mart website for affordable deals on quad bikes.

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