The Quad Biking Experience

It is all about the rush. It can take you back to the days when you were young and rode your tiny 4×4 scooter. As a sport, quad biking can be easy to learn, even if it is considered extreme. Quad biking can be enjoyed by young and old, men and women. When you are on a quad bike, it becomes all about putting your helmet on, gripping the throttle and preparing for the ride of your life.

From the dry ridges at a forest to that splash of mud, and stained grass of the forest. It is an amazing experience.

South Africa has numerous areas where you can go for a ride, whether it is for pleasure or sport, you can have an amazing experience, and also be surrounded by nature.

Where to go for quad biking?

There are quad-friendly areas in all our nine provinces, from the KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo to Gauteng. In KwaZulu Natal you can go quad biking in the Drakensberg Mountains and Valleys.

The Drakensberg Mountains have softer rocks, and they are more rounded and have softer appearance from below. While the top cliffs are almost table-top flat and smooth. It is a perfect place for the wild ride.


In Induna Adventures you can discover the beautiful area, get a glimpse of the wild animals and beautiful forest. Induna Adventures is located 20 minutes from the Kruger National Park. You can ride freely and alone or with an experienced guide who will show you the safe and beautiful parts to view.

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You can also have an exhilarating experience in the magical Limpopo province. The beauty about quad biking in this area is that it is more than just riding around mountains, this is where mountains meet rivers.

The Thaba-Metsi Adventures provides you with a guided quad biking experience where you can travel through the indigenous forest by the Groot Letaba River which is home to a lot of plantlife, animals and birdlife.

You can also go swimming and relaxing at the Groot Letaba River right after the amazing biking experience.


As much fun as it would be to have all these experiences, unfortunately you cannot do the same on South African roads. Riding your quad bike on the South African roads is illegal.

ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) are built for isolated use in mountainous regions. They are mostly used in off-road areas like farms or forests. Although there is a thrill in owning a quad bike, they often cause a lot of accidents, fatalities and injuries. It is advised that they remain used in off-road areas.

Quad Biking Safety

Suitable protection must be worn at all times when you are out quad biking. A helmet is the most important of all protection gear, because it protects the most sensitive part of your body. A small bump on the head could cause a lot of damage, so protect your head.

Also ensure that you have an eye screen, or rather safety glasses, for the protection of your eyes. This will protect your eyes from flying insects, dust or branches.

Other than that, all you have to do is just have fun and enjoy every moment of being in the forest and taking the chance to see the beautiful parts of South Africa.

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