Interesting facts about Toyota

You probably might be considering buying a Toyota vehicle or you already own one. But maybe you do not know the brand well enough. Most people already know that Toyota is manufactured by the Japanese, and this fact is already the deciding factor for many people.


However, despite where these cars are manufactured, the vehicles by this brand have been selling really fast. As of the year 2013, the brand has hit a record of 40 million sales.

Toyota has been manufacturing and selling a Corolla every 37 seconds on average since the year 1966; in 2013 the sales rate of Corolla cars reached 27 seconds, meaning the cars are sold even faster. According to statistics, the Corolla is the bestselling nameplate in the world.

In South Africa alone, up to November 2013, over 1 million Corollas had been produced and about 980 000 sold. It is no Deja-vu, there really are that many Toyota cars on our South African roads.


Just a few facts about the Toyota brand:

  1. It was founded in 1937.
  2. The founder’s name is spelled T-O-Y-O-D-A.
  3. Toyota cars account for 80% of the cars in Nigeria
  4. In 2011, it was ranked the third largest car manufacturer in the world, behind General Motors and Volkswagen Group.
  5. The manufacturer designed the 2014 Corolla with thoughtful touches for rear passengers, enough room for three, supportive seats and a perfect flat floor for you to easily stretch your legs.
  6. The standard audio system of the corolla would put a lot of home theatre systems to shame. It includes AM/FM/CD and MP3/WMA playback capability, an auxiliary audio input jack, four speakers and a satellite-ready antenna with pre-wire. WOW!
  7. The 2014 Corolla is available with upscale comforts such as leather seat surfaces, heated front seats and a DVD-based navigation System.
  8. The 2014 Toyota Corolla LE is available with a Smart Entry system that enables doors to be unlocked with the key chain still in your pocket or purse.
  9. Corolla’s high-tech engines are designed to deliver more torque at low and medium speeds and enhanced output at higher speeds – as well as improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.
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WATCH this amazing video of the fun facts about the Toyota GT86 

Whichever car you choose from this brand, these quality Japanese automobiles work hard to get you from point A to point B. There is so much more about these cars that make them so amazing and if taken care of, this car can last you for 2-4 decades.

That is why when people get Toyota used cars, they are never disappointed. They work amazingly well even after years of operation.

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