5 of the funniest car advertisements

After so many years with your car, it seems you have reached a point where you want to sell it and get something new. How do you sell your car at a good price without using some of these funny but false advertising tactics?

Do not be like some of these guys:

The emphasis is on how much it can carry


One of the reasons some people buy a vehicle is because they want a vehicle that will make their lives easier. Although they want a vehicle that will take them from point A to B, they also want something spacious enough for a big family.

So instead of exaggerating the statement, with a couple of pictures and a simple description about the way a car looks and what model it is, you can sell your car as fast as the wind.

Buy one and get the other one free… maybe for the kids


Selling a car is one of the simplest things you can do today. And with the many classified websites offering free advertising, you can sell your car within minutes. You do not even have to make a special deal of a buy one and get one for free. Not only will it be a loss for you, but also an unnecessary stunt for someone who just wants one car.

Imagining yourself as the buyer will help you see things in their perspective. Such as how much your car should really be. Also, do not be afraid to ask for the amount you believe your car is worth.

It is so light, you can even take it with you during your grocery shopping


It is always a fear to have your car stolen at a place where it is supposed to be safe. Like at a mall parking lot or even just outside your home, but the truth is, it happens.

That is why, when you sell your car on a classifieds website, info about the car’s security system will be of great benefit to yourself and the person who will be buying the car.

People are more susceptible to purchase a car that will make their lives a lot safer. And often when people choose to buy a car, security is not a main concern, so you will be making it much easier for them in this situation.

False Promises


Cars are capable of doing many things. They are capable of making you look successful and taking you far.

But to falsely advertise that a car will make someone fall in love or fly, is false advertising. When you are selling a car, make it about the car. Such as how fast has it gone, what is the size of the engine, how does the interior of the car look etc.

False Advertising

False advertising or deceptive advertising is when you mislead the buyer into purchasing something that does not really exist.

There is a difference between selling the truth and making false claims just because you want to sell something.

For instance, when you are posting this:


When it actually looks like this:


It has been proven that ads with pictures sell faster. After all, when you buy something, you would like to see how it looks. Even though today there are many ways to polish something to look better, replacing one picture with something that is not there makes it false advertising.

When you are selling your car online, the more pictures you add with the car ad, the more chances of finding a buyer.

But luckily, the nice thing about posting an advert on Auto Mart is that you never have to go through drastic measures such as the ones mentioned above.

You can find a buyer within minutes and the best part is? It is FREE. Visit the Auto Mart website for more details on how to sell your car and advertise for FREE.

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