VW classic car vs. new

Have you ever wondered which generation of cars you prefer? Is it the 60s, 70s or early 2000s? There are so many different model cars out there, but lately old school cars are being remodelled into new cool: either by being made faster with a vision of technological enhancement or reworking and rebuilding the exterior and interior of the car. So which one is better? Classic or new?

Classic cars may not have the technology to be titled as better, but there is a sense of superiority about them that make them the better option to the newer models.

Let me explain why:

Take for instance the 1979 VW Bug. When compared to the new VW Bug 2013, it is no doubt that the new model is better in terms of turbo, or the fact that it is cleaner and more aligned to the current time. Even though the old model is less rigid and less luxurious; safety handling of the old model beats the new model by a long short.


With the convertible models, the new VW bug’s convertible roof is more like a shield from the sun than anything else. There is no protection. If you are one of those that enjoy the feel of the wind through your hair then the new VW Bug is just not for you.

The old bug gives the feel of aesthetic freedom and movement with all the necessary safety features compared to its newer counterpart.


You can buy a classic bug and get it revamped at a fraction of the price of a new VW bug. With the huge debate going around between classic cars and new school, it is no doubt that classic cars are so much better.

It can be argued that these classic cars provide better handling and sturdier bodies than the latest technologically advanced models. On the other hand it is not only technology that drives the love for the new school, but also the performance and engine capacity.

Get yourself a classic car and enjoy the feeling of driving more than just a car, but also driving a cool, retro and vintage experience. For affordable deals on used cars for sale or classic cars for sale like the VW bug, visit the Auto Mart website.

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