The Best Student Cars of 2014

Student_Cars_for_saleSo you have finally earned it! Freedom. Freedom from having to rely on your little sister’s weird best friend driving you to university or your mom and dad hanging around the latest gig you have been watching, to come pick you up. Now you have it in full force!  You can buy your own car!

Besides thinking “hashtag” #awesome, how do you know if you are buying the right car? Where can you find the best student cars for sale? You don’t want retrospect creeping in like that guy on Grand Theft Auto. No, you want a cool car, that
will not only be a chick magnet and the envy of
all your friends, but also a car that is reliable and can deal with the full force of an unstable and ever increasing petrol price.

So here is my list of cool, economic, reliable cars (from a chick’s perspective, wink wink) in no particular order:

Toyota Yaris

Besides Toyota being reliable, it has become a cool urban culture to drive a Yaris. It drives smoothly, is fuel economic and looks good. Besides being a good drive for city slickers, the Yaris is also roomy enough to load a couple of hipster mates in there as well…well leg room anyways. The later Yaris models also boast with blue tooth connectivity and cool gadgets. The only downfall: if you are more on the tall side, the drive in this car might make you feel a bit claustrophobic.

Ford Figo

Ford challenged the smaller vehicle industry with this funky, fun and nifty little Figo. The Figo, of course, being the rebranded version of the previous Fiesta. Figo meaning “cool” in Italian, is definitely what this Ford is. This car is nippier than the Yaris and also offers a cruise comfortable drive with features such as hazards going on when you are doing those hand brake turns and random emergency stops on newer models.  With central locking, airbags, power steering and driving off into the urban sunset. Who would want more?

VW Polo Vivo

The VW Polo is like the old faithful dog in Western movies: always there.  I don’t think this car will ever go off the market. It is just too damn popular under South Africans. But off course, there is a good reason why: it’s easy to maintain, spares are relatively cheap and it’s fuel economic. Besides, most middle aged working elites drive this type of car, so you will not be out of style even 5 years from now.  A smooth, predictable gearbox, soft engine noise and a comfortable ride like a Jack Daniels sun downer is what will keep SA peeps and you loving this car.

So if you are ready to embrace that freedom with a capital F, be sure to visit Auto Mart for some of these great reliable, economic, cool cars. –  Click here for great bargain student cars for sale on Auto Mart.


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