iPad: A student’s tool for success

textbooksWe are all getting ready for some summer fun in the sun with few serious thoughts about next year. Luckily, here at Auto Mart we have taken it upon ourselves to get you ready for whatever next year may bring, especially if you are heading to school or university.

We are giving away an iPad to one lucky winner on our Facebook page! All you need to do is LIKE our Facebook page, post a photo of your favourite car on our wall and tell us why you like that piece of technology so much!

Now before you get too scattered brain with all the fun things you can do with your iPad, take a moment and think just how much his fun piece of tech can simplify your life your life as a student!

Not only can it contain multiple textbooks in one easy-to-carry form, aid in organizing your studies, and connect to the internet, but with the iPad 4 you get access to a great app called iBooks.

ipad-ibooksiBooks holds most textbooks any student might need, meaning more downloads and less bookstore and stationary costs!

On an iPad, learning is made fun with interactive and 3D images, diagrams and videos, which increases students’ motivation to learn. In a recent survey the Pew Internet and American Life Project established that students who use an iPad for learning, read more than children with plain old text books and tends to buy more online books as well.

The digital revolution has changed the way we work, live and now it’s ready to simplify the way we study as well. It helps young learners develop much needed skills for a world wrapped up in technology.

Investing in digital textbooks and study material does not only cut down on costs, but is easy to upgradeso you always have the most relevant material at hand.

An iPad has a variety of things to make studying easier, for example, ‘a finger highlighter’. If you’re reading in iBooks, simply swipe your finger to highlight and save parts of your study material. All saved study material appears on easy-to-read study cards. Flip through them and stay on top of what you need to know.

Then there is also the ability to look up words using iPad’s built in dictionary, or the fact that you can sync all your work and study material on your iCloud.

When it’s time for a study break or when holiday hits, breaking away is as easy as switching to a game or movie of your choice.

The iPad makes modern day studies more effective, easy, convenient and environmentally friendly. You’ll never know HOW you lived without it before!

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