Sell Your Car With These 10 Effective Steps

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Are you struggling to sell your second-hand car? Follow our easy, effective tips when it comes to selling your car faster!

1. Gather your car’s information.

Buyers are interested in need-to-know information like year, make, model and current mileage, but adding optional details and features such as keyless entry, Panasonic CD Player or navigation systems will increase chances of your ad being found.

Buyers know what they want and what they are looking for, and adding specific key words ups your ad’s visibility in searches and therefore helps you to sell more easily.

2. Know your car’s true condition and value.

Be realistic when it comes to adding descriptions to your ad… “drives like a Porsche with amazing honkers” might seem appealing, but let’s be honest, nothing disappoints as when you meet the girl of your dreams just to find out she used to be a man. Avoid being misleading in your ads and build a trustworthy name for yourself whether you are a private seller or dealer.

3. Make your car worth the buy.

Fix up the small things! When buyers come to view a car they are on the lookout for an ‘easy’ buy. They don’t want to see a car they want at an affordable price but then have to calculate how much it will cost to fix up a few things here and there. This can lead to ‘over calculation’ on the buyers’ side and make your car seem like more of a hassle than a bargain. Brag about the new brakes or high-quality tyres, it might seem like a cheap trick, but these are after all what a second hand-car buyer wants to hear.

4. Determine and set your asking price.

If you went through the trouble of fixing up the small things and taking your car for a full service before selling, it will automatically change and up your asking price. ‘What’s my car worth?’ is a nifty tool when it comes to estimating an asking price. Alternatively have a browse at other cars similar to yours. You should also keep a window for negotiation- have ‘the lowest price’ you’ll consider and work around it.

Other things to keep in mind…

Price your car higher if:

  • Your car is still under warranty or has an extended warranty, provided the warranty is transferable.
  • You’ve kept up with regular maintenance, especially if you’ve just completed a major scheduled maintenance, such as a 60,000-kilometer service
  • You’ve purchased a new set of tyres or installed new brakes

Price your car lower if:

  • You want to sell it quickly
  • It needs a major scheduled service, new tyres or brakes
  • It has been in an accident

5. Use the test drive to sell!

When you have your potential buyer in the seat next to you, see it as your last chance to make the deal. Potential buyers will have questions- anticipate them and have the finest answers ready. For example, “Your car is R5000.00 more than others in its category, why?”. Now is the time to swoop in and tell your buyer exactly why this car is the better option even though it’s pricier. Name drop those special features you love so much, such as your car audio, any recent upgrades, complete maintenance records etc.

6. Make sure the time is right when it comes to selling.

It might seem like a good idea to let go of your 427 Big Block baby when the petrol-price is at an all-time high with no hope of a drop, but truth be told if you can’t afford that sweet piece of rumbling ass, the chances are more than good that someone else isn’t going to either. The key here is to market the market- rather wait for the right time than to settle for the lowest price you can get!

7. Use Pictures of Good Quality.

If you are selling online via a Classified or through a dealer with an online showroom- always use pictures of good and high quality. Men in the majority are bigger on buying cars and as we all know they are such visual creatures. Your ad photo should instantly say I want you to ride me hard and fast because that’s the way I like it!

 8. Don’t be a rude seller.

Don’t hold back on information or be a rude seller because you don’t like the potential buyer. Yes, this might have been your first car or your Ouma’s Mazda 323 hand-me-down, but remember, there is a reason why you are selling in the first place!

9. Consider a trade-In.

Your car is generally worth 15-25% more than the trade-in value, but if you find the selling process is taking too long or is too much effort, choose to trade it in on a new car. Bear in mind the most effective and safe way of selling your car will always be through a reputable dealer or website such as

 10. The Final Stages of the deal.

When you and your potential buyer have come to an agreement on the sale, be sure that you have all the needed documentation and that you are following the right procedure. Don’t be taken for a fool, always be attentive on things being said, done and signed. Unfortunately we live in a world filled with chancers and crooks, don’t become part of the statistics whether you are a private seller or dealer.

Always remember it’s not only you struggling to find a buyer. Buyers are more than often victims of car scams and are aware of ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it must be”. So always go the extra mile if it’s successful selling you’re after!


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  1. Mella says:

    It is necessary to know your car’s value before you sell it. I took my car to a few dealers and got quotations from each, and there I could see which would offer me the most for my car. I also made sure that my car was in perfect condition before taking it to the different dealers.

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