1100 Horsepower Switzer “Ultimate Street Edition” Nissan GT-R

A Nissan GT-R is a monster of a car, but the Switzer “Ultimate Street Edition” GT-R is a street demon. If you want one of these 1100 hosepower bad boys all you have to do is buy yourself a 2009 Nissan GT-R and then slap another $86 000 onto it. So it’s far from cheap, but it’s also far from your average Nissan GT-R.

Switzer Nissan GT-R

It is by far the fastest GT-R that money can buy, but it’s not only built for speed and the track. The ‘Ultimate Street Edition’ will suit just fine as a car to get you to the office everyday. So what do you say, find yourself a 2009 Nissan GT-R for sale and you will also have the ultimate car to go racing around the track or even to go grocery shopping with.

Ruan Fourie

SEO and Copywriter

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