What’s more fun: Trophy Truck vs Nissan GT-R

Getting in your car and going fast is fun. To keep it safe, one of the best things to do is to go to your nearest race track to find out if they have track days that are open to the public. Then you can push your car to the limits around an actual race track. But B.J Baldwin like taking his Trophy Truck off-road and go fast even then.

Trophy Truck

In the beginning of the video we see a Nissan GT-R going around bends on a piece of road out in the desert and yes it looks like fun. But when you see how much fun it looks to race through the desert in a Trophy Truck. It makes the Nissan GT-R seem kind of sad. If you can say that you would not want to do that, I’ll buy you a Nissan GT-R. I’m going to my ten year school reunion in a Trophy Truck! Which one would you choose?

Ruan Fourie

SEO and Copywriter

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  1. Hrishikesh dange says:

    Trophy truck is awesome….

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