The New Subaru WRX Concept Vehicle

Speed. Sound. Acceleration. Design. Four terms that is not only included in ALL Subaru vehicles, but definitely something to look forward to when it comes to the new Subaru WRX Concept vehicle.

At the moment Subaru hasn’t revealed a lot about their new concept vehicle but it promises to top whatever there was before.

Luckily we could find some pictures and a video of what Subaru plans to do with the new WRX Concept vehicle. From these images you can pick up things such as hidden door handles, a carbon fibre roof, 20 inch wheels and one massive bonnet scoop with a new turbocharged engine and intercooler.

Glad to see that Subaru is sticking with their blue exterior and instead of the pink or gold WRX sign, they moved to a more greenish colour, giving it a bit more flash.

Here are some of the images of what you can expect of the new WRX Concept Vehicle. What do you think? Would you takes this beast for a test drive?

Subaru for sale

Subaru for sale

Subaru for sale

Subaru for sale

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