Have the edge! Get your own Mobile Trader Site

Auto Mart offers you a product that will give you the edge above your competitors and make managing your online stock even quicker and easier.

Auto Mart Mobile Trader Site

An Auto Mart Mobile Trader Site is in essence an add-on or stand-alone solution for motor vehicle dealers to manage their stock from remote locations, with the element of immediacy.

An Auto Mart Mobile Trader Site offers you these great features:

  1. A Branded Showroom:
    Have your vehicles visible to Mobile buyers, under your company logo
  2. Manage Your Stock:
    View and edit your stock anyway you want
  3. Upload Stock:
    Add up to 5 photos of each vehicle into your mobile showroom
  4. View your Showroom leads:
    See detailed information of who responded to your adverts
  5. View your Wildcard leads:
    See detailed leads from the Request a Vehicle mobile feature

…all with the ease and flexibility of Mobile.

The Mobile Trader and Auto Mart websites are always in sync. What gets updated through the Mobile Trader Site is immediately updated on the desktop website and vice versa.

Want to know more? Click here for more info on the Auto Mart Mobile Trader Sites.

So act NOW and get your own Mobile Trader Site by sending an email to webmaster@automart.co.za or give us a call on 011-912 6500.

At your convenience, full training will be provided, so you can get the most out of your Auto Mart Trader Site.

Liezl Grobler

Digital Copy Editor & SEO Writer @ Junk Mail Publishing

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