Sell faster! Benefit from our Dealer Directory…

Have you registered your Dealership on Our Dealer Directory can get your Dealership fantastic online exposure and help you attract more clients and sell your vehicles faster!

Our now enhanced Directory helps buyers to:

  1. Easily get your contact details
  2. Find you by the makes and models you stock
  3. Find your Dealership in their area
  4. View your showroom displaying your stock

To fully benefit from this great feature, ensure that your Dealer and Location info is up-to-date and fully completed. This will make it easy and convenient for buyers to find your dealership and get hold of you by telephone or email.

To manage your details:

  1. First Login to your Auto Mart account
  2. Go to the Dealer info page and edit your details
  3. Go to the Location info page and edit your details

If you are not yet registered on Auto Mart and want to take advantage of this great feature and advertise your vehicles effectively, SIGN UP for your membership today!

Liezl Grobler

Digital Copy Editor & SEO Writer @ Junk Mail Publishing

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