CoupeR Design recuperates 67 Mustang

Last year outside the halls of SEMA an insane amount of cars doubled and even tripled park on the sidewalks and access roads. The snowballing effect of so many unbelievable custom rides and new releases is that no set of wheels really stands out on its own. That was until eyes were laid on The Obsidian CoupeR Mustang…

The Mustang was completely redesigned for 1967. It was longer and wider, but had the same 108-inch wheelbase of its forerunner. The grille opening was enlarged for a decidedly meaner look while the rear taillight panel was concave. It became full fastback and simulated rear quarter panel scoops were used on all three body styles. A degree of greatness was achieved.

That was until the crew at CoupeR Design decided to improve that which was already labeled as an enormity; the custom ’67 Mustang was jazzed up with a 900HP 392 CI Stroker engine.

Everything about this car draws your attention and gives a feel of the worst yearning thinkable. The SEMA style modifications include a 329 cubic inch engine with Big Stuff 3fuel injection. Rotrex C38-81 twin superchargers with Spearco custom twin intercoolers and Doug Thorley custom headers, custom dual exhaust and aluminum tips.

The Obsidian could possibly be the fastest street Mustang ever. Luckily it’s fully equipped with an integrated tubular chassis and 4-point hidden roll cage. The Obsidian has a lowered center of gravity for its high speed with the engine and firewall pushed back for better weight distribution with PRS hydroboost power brakes.

The front end glares behind a custom air dam and deadly looking hood scoop. Recardo custom heated leather seats with full lumbar support and a 4-point safety harness system gives you the ease of mind to let this baby rip to its full potential.

The Obsidian has 17 custom interior panels, luxury carpeting, heat insulation and sound proofing fully equipped with a 3,000 watt Kicker sound system and 5.1 Dolby surround sound. Probably to dampen the roaring engine sounds…

Further modifications include a keyless ignition and GPS Navigation with a 60 Gig hard drive controlled via the 10.5-inch touchscreen, custom installed in the dash with Wi-Fi Internet. The crew at CoupeR Design surely has outdone themselves.

The Obsidian is an explicit example of what can be achieved power and design wise when you really want to improve the best Mustang possibly ever produced.

Unfortunately a remake of this beauty will cost you a painful $1.3M which recounts to R 10910503.40… Wait WHAT!?

Personally I’m not sure if any amount of horse power is worth that much, Bungee jumping will give you the same thrill and possible need for new pants for a much more fitted price…


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