Porsche Releases Limited 911 Club Coupe

Porsche has released a limited edition of the 911 Coupe to celebrate 60 years of Porsche Car Clubs worldwide. This special new version is limited to only 13 units. 12 Cars will be sold to the owners of each key car club region in the world and the 13th car will be housed in the Porsche museum in Germany.

The limited 911 Club Coupe is finished in Porsche’s famous Brewster Green, a green metallic featured on many of Porsche’s classic models such as the original 1970’s 911 Turbo.

The Club Coupe has a number of detailed features outside, including 20-inch alloy wheels partially painted in Brewster Green, and with a highly polished aluminium pack for the side windows and other features. At the rear, the Club Coupe has a reviewed engine cover with titanium-coloured carbon fibre.

The interior is tailored with a special Espresso leather finish with harmonising detailing throughout. The most special detail of the Club Coupe is the laser-etched dashboard trim engraved with each owner’s name chosen from the various Porsche clubs.

The most suggestive feature of the 911 Club Coupe is the Classic styling rear wing obtained from the Porsche’s Classic range with a complimenting front spoiler, all neatly rounded off with a 20mm lower ride height.

The Club Coupe comes in bragging with a 3.8-litre engine using an output of 430Hp, which means the new 911 can reach 302.55kmh maximum and hit 100kmp from rest in as little as 4.0 seconds. Both manual and semi-automatic gearboxes are available.

The 911 Club Coupe’s power boost has been accomplished by modified cylinder heads and adaptable intake, including an enhanced engine control unit. Porsche also fitted the Sport Chrono Pack which includes the active engine mounts that assist handling. This Coupe also packs unique tail pipes for the sport exhaust system.

The 911 Club Coupe is truly unique. Other than the fact that only 13 is made, with the price kicking at 1,503,544.90 ZAR the chances of ever actually getting in to one is literally non existing for us normal folks.

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