Take the controls… Manage your own adverts

Here at Auto Mart we put the power back into the hands of the advertiser and give our dealers the opportunity to manage their own online advertising strategy…

That is why Auto Mart allows you to conveniently edit your adverts at any time.

Depending on your subscription type to Auto Mart, you have various options to choose from to make managing your ads quick and easy.

Standard Auto Mart Dealers can:
Auto Mart

  1. Add a new vehicle/spare by placing a free ad
  2. Delete single or multiple selected ads
  3. Change the status of any ad, by activating or
    deactivating it

SilverAuto Mart Dealers can:

  1. Bulk Edit their vehicle ads
  2. Add a vehicle/spare quickly on the Bulk Edit
    form, without having to place a new ad
  3. Change the status of any ad, by activating,
    deactivating or deleting it
  4. Add extra or switch between ad images
  5. Edit the ad text
  6. Edit the Vehicle Extras
  7. Switch back to Traditional Editing at any point

Advertising your vehicles online has never been this easy! Login and see for yourself…

If you require some assistance or have any further queries, feel free to send an email to webmaster@automart.co.za.

Not yet a Silver Dealer and want to take advantage of all the extra editing functionality? Then sign up for a Silver Dealer Account today… Click here for a further comparison between a Standard and a Silver Dealer Account.

Liezl Grobler

Digital Copy Editor & SEO Writer @ Junk Mail Publishing

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