Embracing social media for even better service…

Have you joined our online Facebook and Twitter community for Auto Mart?

Here at Auto Mart we are embracing social media and using it to bring you even better service.

Automart Social

This is how… Social media on Auto Mart acts as:

  1. An information platform: From our social media pages we bring you updates on the latest developments on our site that will affect you as the user, exciting competition updates, as well as useful articles from our Blog that will greatly benefit both buyers and sellers visiting our site.
  2. A conversation tool: With Facebook and Twitter you can be in constant contact with us. You can post on our wall, leave a comment on our status updates or tweet us and get an instant response from the Auto Mart team.
  3. Instant customer service: Now you no longer have to pick up the phone and dial us if you have any queries or experience any difficulties whilst using our site. You can simply contact us from our social media pages and the team will get right on it.
  4. A sharing tool: We have made it very easy for buyers or sellers on Auto Mart to share any of the ads to their own or friends’ social media feeds or business pages, doubling the exposure of the ads.

Our Facebook page has also recently undergone a bit of a “facelift”. Go see for yourself… It is now even more attractive, user friendly and of added value to any Auto Mart user.

So get in on the conversation action, and join our Facebook and Twitter community today!


Liezl Grobler

Digital Copy Editor & SEO Writer @ Junk Mail Publishing

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