Why we love Auto Mart!

Auto Mart was founded in 2004 with the goal of bringing car buyers and car sellers together. We wanted to expedite the purchase process by compiling a list of available vehicles and then presenting these vehicles to potential car buyers in a compact (yet diverse) publication relevant to their required vehicle makes in their area.

Why we love Auto MartIt has been a 10 year journey since Auto Mart first started and our business has expanded to include an online and mobile presence as well. We are no longer just focusing on cars, but on all things automotive. Nowadays you’ll find anything from motorcycles to spares and everything in between at Auto Mart.

We pride ourselves in delivering the best service to buyers, private sellers and dealers. If you are new to Auto Mart: Welcome to the Auto Mart family!

Here’s what our users had to say about using our services:


“Superb service from the dealership. Big ups for that #ThumbsUp” Monde V

“We have had great success with the Auto Mart Online Site!” Mondre (Botha and Deysel Vereeniging)

“Auto Mart Online is really working and it’s good value for money!” Joe (ACP Automotive)
“They were very fast with their response and gave feedback on each of my replies also.” Le Roy S


“Auto Mart Online is very functional and user friendly” Quinton (IC Auto Benoni)


“….Best service” Henry R


“Auto Mart Online creates a lot of brand awareness for us”  Ian (Scheckter Portfolio Cars)


“It’s helpful using the website. It saved me money for transport when doing shopping for a car.” Lekwadu


“Auto Mart Online offers brilliant features that produce great results!” Chrystal (McCarthy Nissan, Woodmead)


“I bought 2 vehicles (Nissan Juke and Toyota Hilux) in 3 days off Auto Mart. Really good and easy site to use. Made the search less of a pain. Thanks!”
Francois L


“Auto Mart Online leads have resulted in a lot of sales for us. This is why Auto Mart Online works for dealers!” David L.

Have you used Auto Mart? Tell us about your experience! Leave a comment here and let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

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