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How to Buy a Car Privately

There is an abundance of cars for sale in Johannesburg and buyers are spoilt for choice. SUVs, workhorses and family cars can be found online. Cars for sale by owner can be an affordable...

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Movies and the cars that made them famous

The combination of a great movie and a great car can only equal to one thing: a “thrilling experience” If you are a car enthusiast but also have a fascination for the best car...

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Great Classic Cars in Movies and TV

Have you ever watched a movie or a television series and wondered, ‘What car was that?’ Probably not! But do their appearance in a movie have any form of significance to the whole understanding...

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Internet Memes about selling a car

Every day the Internet is bringing us more and more entertainment, and what is more entertaining than the current ‘Meme’ trend? What is a Meme? A Meme can be a picture, a video, hashtag...

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