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Isuzu X Rider is here to stay

Are you looking for double cab bakkies for sale? Isuzu has a reputation for manufacturing reliable bakkies and the KB250 is no exception. After the success of the limited release of the Isuzu X...

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The best-selling bakkies of 2016 in SA

From the Toyota Hilux to the Mahindra Bolero, there is a range of exciting bakkies that have made the 2016 best-sellers list. With so many great single and double cab bakkies for sale, it...

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The battle of the Bakkies in South Africa

South Africans are no strangers to the wilderness. We are an adventurous bunch of people and we like to spend as much time outdoors as we possibly can. If you want a car that...

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Isuzu Double Cab: Reliable, tough and hardworking

True to their slogan “Isuzu Delivers”, Isuzu has established an excellent reputation in South Africa. The company has established a reputation for manufacturing strong and durable double cab bakkies. There are numerous Isuzu double...

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