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The battle of the Bakkies in South Africa

South Africans are no strangers to the wilderness. We are an adventurous bunch of people and we like to spend as much time outdoors as we possibly can. If you want a car that...

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The Nissan NP200: Hardworking and affordable

The Nissan NP200 is a top contender on the bakkie market and it accounts for nearly fifty per cent of the half ton vehicle sales. If you need a hardworking vehicle with an affordable...

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Find out about the new car specials on Auto Mart

Discovering a wide range of affordable new cars online is so simple these days. You can browse through exciting new car deals, which are conveniently listed in one place. If you’re looking for unbeatable...

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The Nissan SA brand and its line-up

Nissan has established a reputation for excellence and Nissan SA is no different. Their reputation for reliability and affordability sets them apart from the crowd, making Nissan cars for sale a popular option locally....

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