The best-selling bakkies of 2016 in SA

From the Toyota Hilux to the Mahindra Bolero, there is a range of exciting bakkies that have made the 2016 best-sellers list. With so many great single and double cab bakkies for sale, it is easy to find a model which meets your requirements. To help you on your quest to finding some of the most popular bakkies in South Africa, we have created a list of the top 10 bestselling bakkies in South Africa for 2016.

1. Toyota Hilux

Whether you are looking for a single or double cab bakkie, the Toyota Hilux for sale is a great buy. The Hilux 2.0 VVTi 5MT has a starting price of R239 600.

toyota hilux bakkie

Image Source: Toyota South Africa Website.

Highlights of this bakkie include its Anti-lock Braking System and brake assist. Other safety and security features include Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Vehicle Stability Control. What sets the Hilux apart from its competitors is its awesome off-road capabilities.

The 4WD selector switch, differential lock and Trailer Sway Control contribute to its superior performance. This model is also equipped with Hill Assist Control and Active Traction Control. Its rugged good looks are complemented by functional features such as fog lamps as well as a towing hook.

The total amount of Hilux bakkies sold in South Africa in 2016 was 35 428, with the best month of sales for the Hilux being March. To learn more about the Hilux, check out “The New, Ruggedly Tough Toyota Hilux” post on the Auto Mart Blog.

2. Ford Ranger

If you are looking for a reliable bakkie to get the job done, look no further than the Ford Ranger for sale. Not only does this bakkie look good, it is exceptionally practical too. Its innovative technology puts it a cut above the other vehicles in this segment.

While there are so many reasons to buy a Ranger, the media hub, SYNC 2 Connectivity System and Adaptive Cruise Control are worth a special mention. The rear view camera and sensors offer added protection and convenience.

Other technology which makes life in a Ranger easier is its Adjustable Speed Limiter and Tyre Pressure Monitoring. A total of 32468 bakkies were sold and the top sales were in November. Prices for the Ranger 2.5 petrol model start at R226 900.

3. Nissan NP200

With its impressive legacy, it is not surprising that the Nissan NP200 for sale ranks third on the best-sellers list. The starting price for this bakkie is R 159 900. Its international reputation for excellence makes the NP200 a great buy.

np200 nissan bakkies

Image Source: Nissan South Africa Website.

Rugged, versatile and energetic, the Nissan NP200 gets the job done without any fuss. Its spacious cabin, generous storage and durable exterior are some of the highlights of this bakkie. A total of 12 616 Nissan NP 200 bakkies were sold with March being the best month for sales.

Learn more about the NP200 by reading our “Nissan NP200: A tough work horse” blog post.

4. Isuzu KB

Whether you are cruising the city streets or tackling off-road terrain, the Isuzu KB for sale won’t let you down. With a starting price of R 236 500, the KB offers you good value-for-money. This bakkie is a great addition for any business.

isuzu bakkies

Image Source: Isuzu South Africa Website.

Its powerful engine, impressive towing capacity and safety features add to its appeal. The durable exterior is complemented by a practical and comfortable interior. Isuzu KB sales reached 12421 with the most bakkies being sold in August.

Find out what the KB Isuzu range can offer by checking out our Isuzu Bakkies blog tag.

5. Chevrolet Utility

The Chevrolet Utility for sale has a distinctive design. If you are looking for single cab bakkies for sale, the Utility’s tough exterior inspires confidence both on and off road. The Utility’s class-leading infotainment package sets it apart from the crowd. Improved safety features and excellent fuel economy are other reasons to find a Utility for sale.

chevrolet utility

Image Source: Chevrolet South Africa Website.

Not only does the Utility look good, its performance is incredible too. With a total number of 12 252 Chevrolet Utility bakkies sold, these capable workhorses rank fifth. The best sales month for the Utility was November. Prices start from R 163 900.

Want to know more about the Utility? We’ve got you covered! Read our “Chevrolet Utility: A class-leading workhorse” post on the Auto Mart blog.

6. Nissan NP300 Hardbody

No matter what challenges arise, the NP300 Hardbody for sale won’t let you down. Its trustworthy performance has earned this bakkie an excellent reputation. The NP300 Hardbody makes it easy to transport both small and big loads.

nissan hardbody

Image Source: Nissan South Africa Website.

Note-worthy attributes of this bakkie are its tough tailgate chains and durable cargo hooks. It features a pull-up tailgate opener as well as a double-skinned load box. The NP300 Hardbody has a starting price of R 176 900 for the2.0 Base S/Cab. The Nissan NP300 sold 9962 units with the most sales taking place in November.

Interested in the NP300? Read “The Nissan NP300 Hardbody still the unmistakable legend” for the lowdown on these stunning single and double cab bakkies for sale.

7. Toyota Land Cruiser pickup

Toyota is renowned for manufacturing vehicles that you can rely on and the Land Cruiser 79 for sale is no exception. Highlights of this model are its good ground clearance and load capacity. Not only is the Land Cruiser a capable workhorse, it is equipped with comfort and convenient features too.

toyota land cruiser 79

Image Source: Toyota South Africa Website.

The interior of the cab is kept at a pleasant temperature with air-conditioning. The price of this model is R 548 900. The total Toyota Land Cruiser pickup’s sold was 3709 with the most sales taking place in June.

Want to check out what this Land Cruiser has to offer? Read “The iconic Land Cruiser 79 that handles like a dream” for more details.

8. VW Amarok

More than just a good workhorse, the VW Amarok for sale is packed with smart features too. Its class-leading 8-speed gearbox is just one of the many reasons to invest in this bakkie. The starting price for the Double Cab 2.0 TDI Trendline is R 484 800. The popular Amarok sold 3593 units with August being the best month for sales.

9. Mahindra Scorpio Pick-Up

The Mahindra Scorpio is designed to exceed your expectations. At the core of this capable bakkie, is its tough design. Its distinctive front grill as well as the integrated bonnet scoop give it a formidable stance.

mahindra scorpio single cab bakkie

Image Source: Mahindra South Africa Website.

Highlights of this model are its outstanding ground clearance and its huge load box. The Scorpio’s trustworthy performance and functional design add to its appeal. With 951 sales the Scorpio ranked ninth on the bestselling list. The most bakkies were sold during March. The starting price for the Scorpio is R 180 995.

Choose from great deals on single cab bakkies for sale and find your dream Mahindra for sale on Auto Mart.

10. Mahindra Bolero

The Mahindra Bolero for sale delivers a performance that you can trust. When the going gets tough, the Bolero rises to the challenge. Its rugged exterior is complemented by fender extensions as well as a huge load box. Its distinctive front grille further contributes to its bold stance.

The Bolero is economical on fuel and is simple to maintain too. The cost of this bakkie starts at R162 495. A total of 889 Mahindra Bolero bakkies were sold with January being the most profitable month.

bolero single cab bakkie

Image Source: Mahindra South Africa Website.

Learn all there is to know about the Bolero by reading our “Mahindra Bolero: More than just a spacious multi-utility vehicle” post.

Have you made up your mind? Find stunning deals on both single and double cab bakkies for sale on Auto Mart. With great models to choose from, you are sure to find your dream bakkie in no time.

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