The extra-ordinary Opel Mokka X

Stylish, confident and innovative, the newest Opel Mokka X is a premium SUV. With Xtra safety as well as Xtra connectivity, this Opel SUV is definitely a looker. Whether you are cruising the highway, exploring the city or tackling off-road terrain, the Opel Mokka for sale offers a pleasurable ride.

mokka x opel suv

Image Source: Opel South Africa Website.

Bold Exterior of the Mokka X

The first indication of the Opel Mokka X’s superiority is its exterior design. Its exterior combines street-smart design elements with undeniable sophistication. Its bold frame is accentuated with muscular lines. Additional ground clearance and large alloys are evidence of its authentic off-road performance.

Athletic roof rails complement the exterior design of these SUV cars, the optional sunroof enhancing your outdoor experience. Another benefit of the optional sunroof is that it creates a sense of spaciousness inside your SUV.

opel mokka x

Image Source: Opel South Africa Website.

With plenty of colours to choose from, you can own a Mokka X which suits your personality. To make a bold impression on the road opt for Amber Orange or Velvet Red. For a more subtle effect choose a Quantum Grey, Deep Expresso Brown or Summit White Mokka.

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The Opel Mokka X’s Luxurious Interior

One of the many reasons to find an Opel Mokka for sale, is its luxurious interior. Refinement and innovation are distinctive qualities of the Mokka X’s interior. The attention-to-detail is evident in its design. Its class-leading interior sets it apart from the crowd. The increased ground clearance means that you have an elevated seating position when compared to regular cars.

The newest Mokka Opel cars offers with plenty of storage options which add to its convenience. The simplistic centre console layout makes accessing essential controls easy. An 8 inch display is optional for this model. The colour data display makes it simple for the driver to access important data. The dashboard stitching exemplifies the effort that has been put into the Mokka X’s design.

Innovative Safety Features

Opel is well-known for innovation and the Mokka X is no exception. The Opel Mokka gives you more control. When the going gets tough, its cutting-edge features make sure that you stay in charge.

Hill Start Assist prevents your vehicle from rolling backwards when you are taking off on a steep slope. This feature keeps the brakes in place for a moment when you start your vehicle to offer you extra support.

The optional cutting-edge Adaptive Forward Lighting LED lights are another noteworthy feature of this SUV. While AFL LED beams were only available for SUVs higher up on the pricing scale, you can now drive an SUV with this feature without spending a fortune. LED lights increase visibility which keeps you safer.

Six LED lights offer better illumination than their Halogen counterparts. AFL offers the convenience of automatically adjusting the lighting to speed. Another state-of-the-art safety feature in this Opel SUV is the Mokka’s Reverse Camera. This feature enables you to see any obstacles that are behind your vehicle. The image is displayed on the Information centre screen.

EcoFlex Drive Assist indicates the optimal moment to change gears for the best economy. This feature also indicates the equipment with the highest energy usage. It allows the driver to access useful data on the vehicle’s fuel consumption.

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mokka x reverse camera display

Image Source: Opel South Africa Website.

Opel Mokka X Specifications

When it comes to finding Opel cars for sale, the Mokka X delivers a noteworthy performance. Equipped with a 4-cylinder 1364 cc engine, this range of Opel cars come with an option of a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission with Manual Shift Mode.

Enjoy 1.4T ManualEnjoy 1.4T AutoCosmo 1.4T ManualCosmo 1.4T Auto
Displacement1364 cc1364 cc1364 cc1364 cc
Power103 kW @ 4 900 - 6 000 rpm103 kW @ 4 900 - 6 000 rpm103 kW @ 4 900 - 6 000 rpm103 kW @ 4 900 - 6 000 rpm
Torque200 Nm @ 1 850 - 4 900 rpm200 Nm @ 1 850 - 4 900 rpm200 Nm @ 1 850 - 4 900 rpm200 Nm @ 1 850 - 4 900 rpm
Combine Fuel Consumption5.9 litres / 100 km6.2 litres / 100 km6.0 litres / 100 km6.5 litres / 100 km
Towing Capacity (Braked)1 200 kg1 200 kg1 200 kg1 200 kg
Towing Capacity (Unbraked)500 kg500 kg500 kg500 kg
Ground Clearance at maximum load131 mm131 mm131 mm131 mm

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