An All New Navara for March 2017

There is no doubt that 2017 will be an exciting year, the arrival of the new Nissan Navara in March of 2017 sweetening the pot. Promising to redefine what we know about the double cab Nissan bakkie, the current Nissan Navara for sale is known for its toughness, the new generation Navara promising more.

2017 nissan navara

Image Source: Nissan South Africa Website.

What’s new with the 2017 Nissan Navara?

Quite a lot, but most notably the move away from the leaf spring rear suspension. Setting the benchmark as being the first mainstream bakkie to offer five-link coil rear suspension, the new Navara promises a higher ride comfort and better handling, all without making a compromise on the bakkie’s off road capabilities.

The Navara will initially be available as a 4×4 Double Cab with a six speed manual transmission, seven speed automatic transmission and two grade levels. At the heart of the newest Navara you will find a new 2.3 litre twin turbo diesel engine capable of delivering more power, better acceleration and improvements in terms of fuel efficiency.

2017 nissan navara

Image Source: Nissan South Africa Website.

For more information on the performance and specifications, you can check out the specs table below. If you are looking for a used Navara for sale, be sure to create your FREE Nissan Navara Alert and get info on the latest deals listed on Auto Mart.

Interior and Exterior of the New Navara

The exterior of this Nissan bakkie is without a doubt striking and beautiful in its own way. Flaunting distinct LED headlights and beautifully incorporating aerodynamic shapes into lines and overall design of the exterior.

The interior promises an increased level of comfort as well as space. The new Navara boasts seat designs inspired by zero gravity, resulting in seating that creates a neutral posture – great for long trips. You can also look forward to dual zone climate control and air conditioning.

2017 nissan navara interior

Image Source: Nissan South Africa Website.

Though not a lot of information is yet available about these bakkies – Nissan keeping us on the edge of our seats there – it is said that these bakkies will come with colour touchscreen infotainment systems, 360 degree (also known as bird’s eye) cameras, navigation and leather seats.

This does to a certain extent make sense seeing that specifications on the Nissan website show that the models that will launch the next generation Navara comes standard with reverse cameras. The two higher end models of the three also show reverse sensors.

Other standard features noted in the specs of the two higher end modes of the new Nissan Navara include Hill Start Assist (HSA) and Hill Decent Control (HDC).

Load box capacities come in at 1 061 litres and all three Navara models boast a maximum unbraked towing capacity of 3 500 kilogrammes.

navara nissan bakkie

Image Source: Nissan South Africa Website.

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Driving modes and capabilities of the new Nissan Navara

The Navara comes equipped with three driving modes. The first is four wheel drive High suited for some light off-roading fun. The next is four wheel drive High, catering for some serious off-roading in deep mud and sand conditions.

The last is two wheel drive for the days you take the N1 to work.

box ladder chassis frame of the 2017 nissan navara

Image Source: Nissan South Africa Website.

All of these driving modes combined with Hill Decent Control and Hill Start Assist result in a Nissan bakkie that is truly ready for anything. Even two wheel drive delivers great traction thanks to the Navara’s electronic Limited Slip Differential (eLSD)

These Nissan bakkies, along with its five link rear suspension, has a fully boxed ladder chassis. What does this mean? Well, it results in a handling that is more agile without sacrificing on the Navara’s load carrying capacities.

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Specifications of the new Navara 2017

Along with these Nissan bakkies’ six year or 150 000 kilometre warranty, the new Navara comes packed with airbags that include SRS front impact airbags for both the driver ad passenger, SRS side impact airbags for the passenger and driver and front to rear SRS curtain airbags.

All three models launching the newest Navara range are also fitted with driver knee airbags.

Double Cab 2017 Nissan Navara2.3D SE 4x4 DC MT2.3D LE 4x4 DC M2.3 LE 4x4 DC AT
Transmission6 Speed Manual Transmission6 Speed Manual Transmission7 Speed Automatic Transmission
Maximum Power140 kW @ 3 750 rpm140 kW @ 3 750 rpm140 kW @ 3 750 rpm
Maximum Torque450 Nm @ 1 500 – 2 500 rpm450 Nm @ 1 500 – 2 500 rpm450 Nm @ 1 500 – 2 500 rpm
Combined Cycle Fuel Consumption6.5 litres / 100 km6.5 litres / 100 km7.0 litres / 100 km
Maximum towing capacity (unbraked)3 500 kg3 500 kg3 500 kg

Compared to the current Navara models available locally, you can definitely see improvements in the new Nissan Navara in various fields. From the previous towing capacity of 3 000 kilograms for the Navara Nissan bakkie to the new 3 500 kilograms, to the strides made in fuel efficiency, it is easy to see why so many are excited about this new arrival next year.

Keep your eyes glued to the Auto Mart blog. We will be keeping you updated as more information and starting prices for the new Navara become available.

2017 nissan navara front view

If you would like to check out the design, features and specs of the current Nissan Navara for sale, be sure to read our “Battle of the Bakkies: SA’s hottest bakkies for sale” post. Interested in finding an older model Navara? Browse through the used bakkies advertised on Auto Mart and find an off road monster that will tackle every journey with hunger.

An All New Navara for March 2017
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An All New Navara for March 2017
There is no doubt that 2017 will be an exciting year, the arrival of the new Nissan Navara in March of 2017 sweetening the pot.
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