Performance meets design in the BMW F800R

Interested in BMW motorcycles for sale on Auto Mart? The BMW F800R is a stunning option, taking sports touring to the next level. Its excellent riding dynamics and comfortable design set it apart from the crowd. A powerful engine combined with stable suspension delivers a ride that will exceed your expectations.

The BMW F800 R features a relaxed, athletic seating position as well as protection from the wind, making it the ideal touring bike, delivering a distinctive performance when you are riding fast and exploring country roads.

the bmw f800r

Image Source: BMW Motorrad Website.

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A Quick note on BMW Motorrad

With 90 years of experience BMW Motorrad manufactures bikes that deliver a trustworthy performance. Their sophisticated bikes reflect their passion and commitment to innovation. BMW motorcycles are renowned for their unstoppable performance and over the years these bikes have consistently lived up to the expectations of their fans.

The powerful BMW F800R

The innovative sports touring bike is equipped with a 2-cylinder 4-stroke boxer engine which is liquid cooled. The 798 cc engine delivers 66 kW of power with a peak torque of 86 Nm at 5800 rpm. Automatic Stability Control offers improved stability on more challenging terrain.

There is also a choice between “Rain” and “Road” modes which enhance the performance of the bike according to the riding conditions. The maximum speed of the BMW F800 R exceeds 200 kph. The fuel consumption of the F800R at a constant 90 kph is 3.6 litres per 100 km while at 120 kph it is 4.8 litres per km. The F800R costs R 130 990.

f800r bmw motorcycle

Image Source: BMW Motorrad Website.

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Design and Style of the BMW F800 R

Not only does the F800R deliver a remarkable performance, it looks good too. Its style is a culmination of elements from both athletic and touring motorcycles. Highlights of this model include symmetrical headlamps as well as a sophisticated handlebar unit.

With their ergonomical design and forged aluminium segment the handle bars are both aesthetically appealing and functional. The BMW F800R boasts responsive steering and remarkable agility. Its excellent performance combined with a narrow engine and chassis make this bike ideal for travelling around the city too. Its suspension offers outstanding stability even under more challenging conditions.

The F800R has a 1527 mm wheelbase and cast aluminium wheels. It is 2145 mm long, 860 mm wide and 1235 mm in height. The seat height is 790 mm. The seat has a comfortable design as well as padding which means that the rider will have no problem sitting on this bike for long periods of time.

f800r bmw motorcycles

Image Source: BMW Motorrad Website.

The BMW F800 R’s payload with standard equipment is 203 kgs. The instrument panel allows the rider to check important data at a glance. With a clearly displayed fuel gauge it is easy to tell when to visit the petrol station to fill up.

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Accessories and customising your F800 R

With a wide range of equipment and accessories to choose from you can customise your BMW F800R. To make sure that you set off on your next adventure in comfort and with all the equipment that you need, you can add case holders and luggage racks to your bike. Convenient technology that is available for these bikes include cruise control as well as “Keyless Ride”.

Liners for touring cases are also available. You can also choose to add a waterproof plastic topcase to your bike which offers approximately 30 litres of space. Also available for the F800R is the tank bag which is durable and waterproof. It has a capacity of 5 litres.

Another option is to add engine spoilers to these BMW motorcycles. LED flashing turn indicators offer improved safety. To enhance the sound as well as the athletic appearance of the bike add an Akrapovic sports silencer. The HP Pro Gearshift allows upshifts as well as downshifts with no clutch or throttle input from the driver. Not only does this feature enhance the driving dynamics, it also improves comfort.

d800r bmw

Image Source: BMW Motorrad Website.

Other comfort features of the BMW F800 R include footrests as well as a variety of seat options. Crash bars and LED auxiliary headlights increase the safety of this bike.

Now that you know more about the BMW F800R you can browse Auto Mart to find BMW motorcycles for sale at great prices. With so many models to choose from you are sure to find one which matches your budget and requirements.

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