Get going in the nippy Kia Picanto

Unique, trendy and affordable, the Kia Picanto is an impressive ride. The Picanto’s distinctive design sets it apart from the crowd. Learn more about the awesome features in the Kia Picanto for sale by reading our informative blog.

Picanto’s Fresh Exterior

The Kia Picanto’s contemporary exterior design incorporates distinctive styling elements, resulting in a nippy car with trendy good looks. The Picanto for sale no doubt has an eye-catching exterior as a result of quality engineering and European styling.

kia picanto for sale

Image Source: Kia South Africa Website.

At the core of this model’s design is a focus on the requirements of its customers. Designed to meet the needs of motorists, these cars have everything that you could want and more. Its harmonious proportions and dynamic lines exude confidence, while its bold stance creates an assertive presence on the city streets.

The cargo area offers 200 litres of space to accommodate your luggage, but if you need more room for luggage, the cargo area can be extended to 605 litres by folding down the back seat. The overall length of the Picanto is 3595 mm, its overall width is 1595 mm and its ground clearance comes in at 152 mm. It has an overall height of 1490 mm and the curb weight for this model is 960 kgs.

Trendy Interior

Not only does the Kia Picanto specs impress, it features a stylish interior equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

With its mature and thoughtful interior design setting high standards for the rest of the vehicles in its class, one of the stunning highlight of this model is its safety features. Its advanced powertrains also put it a cut above the rest.

The Picanto’s interior offers the convenience and comfort that has come to be expected of larger cars. The quality materials and attention-to-detail in its design creates a sophisticated ambiance.

picanto interior

Image Source: Kia South Africa Website.

The interior of this model from Kia is kept at a pleasant temperature during the summer months with air-conditioning. Convenient storage space is provided by the luggage floor box. A parcel shelf and seat back pockets offer additional room in selected models.

Cutting-Edge Safety in the Kia Picanto

When it comes to choosing a car, safety should be at the forefront of your mind. With the Kia Picanto for sale you can rest easy knowing that you and your loved ones are in good hands.

The Picanto takes safety to a whole new level with its tough body-shell constructed using increased amounts of steel. The design of the body-shell includes ring-shaped loops which offer additional protection if a collision occurs.

Other safety features in the Picanto for sale includes airbags while selected models also boast ABS and ESS. The Emergency Stop Signal system includes sensors which automatically pick up when the driver is doing an emergency stop and transmits a signal to other drivers.

An alarm and immobiliser protects the vehicle from crime while central locking offers additional convenience and safety. Also worth mentioning is the ISOFIX child anchors making this vehicle suitable for families.

Kia Picanto Specs and Performance

With a choice between models you can buy a Kia Picanto which best suits your needs as well as your budget.

The 1.2 EX Auto is equipped with an In-line 16-valve DOHC engine which has 4 cylinders. The 1.0 LX Auto has an in-line 12 valve DOHC engine which has 3 cylinders.

Other options available from Kia in this range includes the 1.2 EX Man, 1.0 LX Man, the 1.2 LS Man and 1.0 LS Man.

kia picanto

Image Source: Kia South Africa Website.

Another great reason to find a Picanto is that it has power steering. With a turning radius of 4.9 metres it is easy to navigate the city streets in these nippy cars.

If you are looking for a vehicle that will fit your budget, the Kia Picanto price starts from R 129 995. Take a look at the table below for an overview of the Kia Picanto specs for the 1.2 EX Auto and 1.0 LX Auto.

Kia Picanto Specifications

Kia Picanto ModelEngineDisplacementMaximum PowerMaximum TorqueKia Picanto Price
1.0 LS ManIn-Line 3 Cylinder, 12 Valve DOHC998 cc51 kW @ 6 200 rpm94 Nm @ 3 500 rpmFrom R 129 995
1.0 LX ManIn-Line 3 Cylinder, 12 Valve DOHC998 cc51 kW @ 6 200 rpm94 Nm @ 3 500 rpmFrom R 159 995
1.0 LX AutoIn-Line 3 Cylinder, 12 Valve DOHC998 cc51 kW @ 6 200 rpm94 Nm @ 3 500 rpmFrom R 172 995
1.2 LS ManIn-Line 4 Cylinder, 12 Valve DOHC1248 cc65 kW @ 6 000 rpm120 Nm @ 4 000 rpmFrom R 139 995
1.2 EX MANIn-Line 4 Cylinder, 12 Valve DOHC1248 cc65 kW @ 6 000 rpm120 Nm @ 4 000 rpmFrom R 179 995
1.2 EX AutoIn-Line 4 Cylinder, 12 Valve DOHC1248 cc65 kW @ 6 000 rpm120 Nm @ 4 000 rpmFrom R 191 995
Find a used Kia Picanto on Auto Mart

A used Kia Picanto offers you great value for money. If you want to make your money go further, you can look for used models which are in good condition. Take a look at some of the great deals which are currently listed on Auto Mart.

Kia Picanto 1.0 LX

This used Kia Picanto is priced at R121 995. It is a 2015 model with a mileage of 33373 km. Its features include ABS, air-conditioning and electric windows. Safety features of this model are its alarm and immobiliser as well as ABS.

1.0 picanto lx for sale

Kia Picanto 1.0 LX

This Kia is priced at R 134 995. This 2015 model has a mileage of 17650 kms. Features of this model include ABS, power steering and electric windows. It also has air bags and an alarm.

2015 kia picanto for sale

Ready to find an amazing Kia Picanto for sale? Browse through the deals listed on Auto Mart now to find great cars at great prices.

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