Lexus RX 350: Redefining the luxury SUV Market

Are you looking for a Lexus for sale? With its striking design and luxurious interior we at Auto Mart can see why the Lexus RX 350 EX is so popular. Its spacious interior and safety features make it a great family car. Take a look at our blog to find out more about this stunning car from Lexus.


Image Source: Lexus South Africa Website.

The Fourth Generation Lexus RX

The fourth generation Lexus RX is now available in South Africa. The luxury SUV has been successful since the first model was released in 1998. The popularity of these Lexus SUVs is evident in the sale of 1.2 million vehicles on the international market.

The RX makes up 18% of those sales which reflects the success of these models. The RX embodies exclusivity and their latest release is no exception.

Looking at the Lexus RX 350 EX

What does the new Lexus have to offer? The previous generation of RX models was made up of the 350 EX and 450h SE. The fourth generation is also comprised of these two options. Both models offer the driver more power. They are also longer with 120mm added to the length of their frame. Their width has been extended by 10mm and the vehicle is 20mm lower than previous models.


Image Source: Lexus South Africa Website.

What does this mean for the occupants of the vehicle? With the extended dimensions of the Lexus SUV its occupants can enjoy additional interior space.

The distinctive front-end design of the RX 350 defines the eye-catching style of this model. The sharp lines complement the strength of the spindle grille. The updated headlights enhance the good looks of the RX’s exterior, making it a very desirable Lexus for sale in South Africa.

HID headlights are an attractive feature of the 350 EX model. Not only do these headlights increase visibility they are also aesthetically appealing. The LED indicator function is another highlight of this model. Towards the back of the car the C-pillars are now black. This creates the appearance of a floating roof.


Image Source: Lexus South Africa Website.

With an electric tailgate its more convenient to shut the luggage bay. Its 20-inch alloy wheels are an upgrade from the previous 19-inch wheels. The latest generation is available in White Quartz and Platinum Silver.

If you want to make a bold statement on the road, you can opt for the Morello red or Opulant Blue models. The striking design of this new Lexus RX turns heads.

The Lexus’ Luxurious Interior

The interior of the Lexus RX 350 EX exudes luxury. The 10-way power seats, which are both heated and ventilated, offer the driver a comfortable ride. The steering column can be adjusted electronically to meet the driver’s requirements.

Leather upholstery and laser-cut ornamentation complements the sophisticated interior design. You can listen to all your favourite songs on the 12-speaker audio system.


Image Source: Lexus South Africa Website.

A highlight of this model is its 12.3-inch HD display. With satellite navigation you won’t get lost travelling to new destinations. A wireless charger and rain-sensing windscreen wipers are other convenient features of this model. The smart entry function offers you easy access to your vehicle.

Safety is an important consideration in this Lexus for sale, especially when you are choosing a vehicle for your family. Whether it is for driving around the city or for longer road trips it is good to know that your vehicle is designed to protect your loved ones.


Image Source: Lexus South Africa Website.

The latest Lexus RX offers plenty of safety features. Brake Assist and Hills Assist Control support the driver. Other safety highlights of this model include ABS with EBD as well as Traction Control. A Blind Spot Monitor helps to prevent accidents and the Rear Cross-traffic alert is also advantageous. The RX has 10 airbags which help prevent injuries if a collision occurs.

Lexus RX’s Roaring Power

The Lexus RX 350 EX offers you more power. The latest release offers an increase of 17kW of power and 24Nm of torque more than the previous generation. The RX 350 EX also is also 9% more fuel efficient. With dynamic torque control, the axles receive an optimum amount of torque.

The 8-speed automatic transmission ensures that power is distributed to both the front and rear wheels. The transmission comes with a manual option. The RX has an Eco and Normal driving mode and if you are looking for a more dynamic mode you can switch to Sport. The design of the RX offers excellent drivability.

It can handle different driving conditions well and offers the driver improved stability. The upgraded body design and steering contributes to the handling capabilities of this model. The 350 EX copes well with roads that aren’t in their optimum condition.

Great for cruising on the highway, the RX offers a comfortable ride. If you are looking for a Lexus, you can expect to pay R 799 000 for the 350 EX model. For an overview of the new Lexus, take a look at the following table.

Specifications of the Lexus RX 350 EX

Engine3.5 litre, V6
Power Output (kW)221
Torque (Nm)370
Fuel Consumption (l/km)9.6/100

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