VW Golf GTI Clubsport: The all new GTI being launched in South Africa

Are you looking for a Golf GTI for sale? Why not consider the latest Clubsport model? With the outstanding reputation of the Volkswagen GTI range it is easy to see why these vehicles are so popular.


Image Source: Top Gear Website.

The epic VW GTI

Earlier this year the Volkswagen Golf GTI celebrated its 40th birthday. During the last 4 decades VW GTI has established an impeccable reputation. Both in South Africa and across the globe these athletic vehicles have attracted hoards of fans.

To mark this historic occasion VW has released the latest GTI Clubsport. While past GTI models have set the bar high, the latest Clubsport doesn’t disappoint. While South Africans won’t have the opportunity to own the latest Golf R420, the Golf GTI Clubsport will soon be available locally.

This powerful car will be hitting South African roads in the middle of this year giving fans a brand new VW Golf for sale. Whether you want to buy a Clubsport or you are only driving one in your dreams, here is everything that you need to know about VW’s latest release.

Looking at the VW GTI Club

Sporty and bold, the VW GTI Club turns heads. Those lucky enough to get their hands on a Clubsport Golf GTI for sale won’t be disappointed. Not only is the exterior of this model good looking, its design also supports its impressive performance.

The latest model has been fitted with bumpers that have an enhanced athletic design. The new side sills and diffuser also lend themselves to the sporty appearance of the Clubsport. With a new rear spoiler the attention-to-detail is clear in the exterior design of this model. Its 18-inch alloy wheels add a finishing touch to the Clubsport’s athletic exterior.

While the 18-inch alloy wheels look good they also support the remarkable performance of the Clubsport. The black trim stripe, which extends across this model’s frame, gives the car a striking appearance. Deep red LED tail lights enhance the rear of the vehicle.


Image Source: AutoCar Website.

To top everything off the latest version has been fitted with chrome-plated exhaust tips.

The interior of the GTI Clubsport

When you step into the GTI Clubsport you will have no doubt that this model is the real deal. As a five-door vehicle both the driver and passengers are offered easy access to the vehicle. Its interior is another reason why finding the latest VW Golf for sale is on the minds of many South Africans.

The bucket seats are both functional and comfortable. Alcantara trim complements the interior design of this model. Trim strips add a decorative feature to the doors as well as the centre console. Not only does the steering wheel offer the driver a good grip it also has an attractive design. Alcantara trim and red stitching ensures that the steering wheel matches the rest of the interior.


Image Source: AutoCar Website.

Nothing escaped the attention of the Volkswagen GTI designers involved in this model with even the floor boasting red trimmed mats. While there is no question as to the authenticity of VW GTI Club, the GTI lettering on the door sill plates adds a finishing touch to the interior.

Under the hood of the VW GTI

At the heart of this Golf GTI for sale is its athletic performance which is combined with everyday drivability. With a 195kW engine the GTI offers you incredible power. Its overboost function will put 213kW of power at your fingertips.

The superior design of the Clubsport allows you to go from a standstill to 100kph in an impressive 6 seconds. Put your foot down and this model can reach speeds of up to 250 kph. The Clubsport VW GTI for sale is expected to cost R 499 000. This excludes any optional extras which will be available at an additional cost.


Image Source: Car Magazine Website.

Take a look at an overview of the Clubsport’s specifications.

Specifications and technical data of the Golf GTI Clubsport

Engine2.0, turbocharged
Max Power (kW)195
Transmission6-speed manual, DSG
Acceleration 0-100 kph (s)6
Top Speed (kph)250

If you can’t wait for the arrival of the Clubsport in South Africa you can still find a Golf GTI for sale on Auto Mart. With plenty of models to choose from you are sure to find a VW GTI that meets your budget and requirements.

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