Burning Man Festival Cars

Each year, Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada brings forth the Burning Man counter-cultural arts festival since 1990.

Burning Man is known for a variety of things but we will only be taking a look at the art part of it for now.

The whole vibe is living free, being artsy and having an all-round good time.

The festival goers take it to the limit when it comes to letting those creative juices flow. We bring you a few of the coolest Burning Man creations and cars throughout the years.

Have a look below and tell us which is your favourite, or what would your creation have looked like if you were heading to Burning Man.

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Lover of Muscle Cars, Zombies & Famous Movie Monsters. Busy restoring a ’70 Ford Fairmont. Collector of HotWheels. Firm believer of "Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing".

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