iPad: Perfect for the new (or not so new) homemaker!

Zillow-Digs-ColorThese days there are apps for nearly everything, even one that allows you to remotely boil your kettle out of bed so that the water is nice and warm by the time you get in the kitchen.

This might sound silly to quite a few of you, but think about it… How convenient wouldn’t it be if you can manage your security system right from your phone or iPad? Choose a room layout before doing the back-breaking reorganising.

Virtually paint your home inside and out before deciding on a set colour. Hang pictures without drilling unnecessarily holes, choose lights, curtains, carpets or even determine the right size TV for that wall. All in the comfort of your home, on the couch on your iPad. No fuss.

Now, here is where I tell you how lucky you are to be reading this post, because not only are we making life simpler for you, but we are giving away an iPad just because it’s the season to be jolly!

Simply LIKE our Facebook page, post a photo of your favourite car on our wall and tell us why. Easy as that.

Whether you are a scholar or going to University next year, a well-established business man- or woman or just a plain Jane like everyone else who simply loves life and everything that makes it worthwhile, our prize will not let you down!

As a student your iPad can hold multiple textbooks in one easy-to-carry form, organise studies, connect to the internet, and get access to a great app called iBooks.

ios_6_guided_access_heroBusiness men-and women can transform the work they deliver into something extraordinary with interactive work books and share information in more captivating ways. More and more businesses across industries are using iBooks Author to add images, videos, audio and 3D work into presentations that no one will be able to turn down. Sounds like a win-win to us!

And then, just when you think there are no more cool things that you can do with your iPad, here we are telling you “Wait, there’s more…”!

If you are new at building a home or just looking to handle things a bit more effectively, here’s your chance to do just that.

Organize children’s activities, cooking, errands, shopping lists, bills or choose a new theme for the living room with many more endless options.

With today’s technology there are so many smart applications to use in everyday life that you no longer even need to leave your house, except to get the occasional summer sunshine! There’s even an app if you want to expand your family… Talk about service!

For more competition details, click here.


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  1. Liezel Peach says:

    Wow! This sounds amazing! Can only imagine how much easier this awesome gadget would make my life as a full time working single mommy. I can work from home so no more late hours and even keep my daughter entertained and busy while I prepare dinner. A must have item! Thank you for sharing this!

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