iPad: Why you SHOULD have one!

ipadfeaturesWondering what you can do with an iPad 4 apart from having an undying entertainment source over the holidays?

Use your iPad for a variety of things such as playing games and cool apps. Stay on top of trending news and gossip (if you’re into that type of thing) as well as stay in touch socially with easy access to Twitter, Facebook or any other social platform you use.

If you are travelling use your iPad as an E-reader:

Download and keep your desired books on any of the various stores available to you on your iPad. Reading on an iPad is clear, bright, and easy, and not even mentioning “green”, as it saves on paper.

Play games:

Games made for the iPad are GREAT! Have a collection of your favourite games, such as Plants vs. Zombies right at your fingertips for fun anytime anywhere!

Not going away this Holiday? Pick up your iPad, and you won’t be able to put it down! You also won’t be complaining about being bored. The iPad gives you the ability to “travel” wherever you want and spend as much time there, from the comfort of your couch.

Depressed by the fact that you need to spend another Holiday with annoying relatives and snoring grandparents? Download and watch much-loved movies anywhere you are. Plug in your comfy iPad earphones and seclude yourself to a different world!

If you’re a professional or amateur photographer, or just enjoy taking photos of your nephew’s sports days, with an iPad your work just got easier. Portable and lightweight with an amazing photo taking ability an iPad is a must have. Easily show off your work with the flick of a finger, add music or animation to make a memorable presentation of your holiday activities all on one device. You can also easily share with friends and family from your device to social platforms, email etc.

It’s great for kids’ entertainment. You might think it looks fragile, but let’s be honest here, nothing tests a product’s durability quite the way a child does. My 6 year old nephew knows his way around an iPad like I couldn’t even begin to imagine. He rocks all the games. Reads his bedtime stories from it or watches a movie while slowly falling asleep. He also takes it outside for a bike ride, while swinging or a trip to the garage. His iPad has had more falls than my phone (which is way too much than I would like to admit) but still it has not yet seen the end of days. This right here folks, should be your NUMBER ONE selling point if you were still looking for one.

It’s easy to use, convenient and all you really need as far as technology goes. Pop a pair of robot legs on your iPad and it could be ready to take over the world. It truly is better than anything else you have ever seen or played with…

Be a winner! Walk away with a new iPad 4 this holiday!ipad-blog

Auto Mart is giving away a 16GB iPad 4 to one lucky winner!

All you need to do isLike” Auto Mart’s Facebook page, post a photo of your favourite car, and tell us why you love it. Don’t forget to use hashtag #GetAniPad. For more competition details, click here.


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